Man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. –Edwin Hubble

Manjie Xu is a MSc.22 at School of Computer Science & Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology. He is in Cognitive Reasoning Lab (CoRe Lab) , Peking University and Visual Perception & Human-computer Interaction Lab (PI Lab), Beijing Institute of Technology. He is also in Tencent AI Lab. He is now under the direction of Prof. Wei Liang and Prof. Yixin Zhu.
He used to major Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence at Kuang Yaming Honor School, Nanjing University. He used to be in the National Key Laboratory of General Artificial Intelligence, BIGAI.


My research is focused on making intelligent agents that are not only adaptive to their environment but also synergistic in their interactions with humans. Drawing inspiration from both theoretical frameworks and empirical studies, which reveal the advanced cognitive capabilities of even very young toddlers, my research combines human-like learning and reasoning processes together with modern machine learning techniques. My current pursuits are mainly twofold: 1) designing agents capable of inferring human intentions and preferences from vision to enhance human-robot cooperation, and 2) developing systems that proactively engage with and learn from their surroundings.
Specifically, in light of the significant advancements in pre-trained large language models (LLMs), I’m also interested in customing LLMs for domain-specific tasks like code generation or causal reasoning and make llm-guided agents that can interact with the world.


2024.01: One paper accepted by IEEE VR.
2023.09: Three papers accepted by NeurIPS (one Spotlight).
2023.04: Two papers accepted by ICML.

Research Topics

Machine Learning, Active Learning, Computer Vision, Human-Robot Interaction


He is a reviewer of ECCV, NeurIPS, CVPR, ICLR and ICML.

Fellowships & Awards

Xiaomi Scholarship (Special Award) (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Outstanding Academic Scholarship (Nanjing University)
Outstanding Academic Scholarship (Beijing Institute of Technology)
People‘s Scholarship of China (Nanjing University)
Honors Graduate, KUANG YAMING HONORS SCHOOL, Nanjing University

Teachers and friends

Yixin Zhu, Wei Liang, Chi Zhang, Guangyuan Jiang, Peiyu Yu, Minglu Zhao, Yuzhe Shi, Lifeng Fan, Song-Chun Zhu, Yachong Guo, Zhihua Zhou, Zan Wang, Yixuan Li, Jiaxin Li, Chenxing Li, Xuxi Zhou, Xinyi Tu